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Rescue Remedy -A product review

As an emotional wellbeing trainer I often talk about coping mechanisms, stress relievers and relaxation techniques. I am often asked about non-medical interventions and homeopathic remedies, so being able to test the Bach flower remedies was a brilliant opportunity.

The mastermind behind the rescue remedy range is Dr.Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist who created 38 flower based remedies to counteract 38 negative states of mind in the 1920’3 and 1930’s, his most famous creation being the rescue combination.

Rescue remedy “is a natural remedy made from flower essence. It has been used by generations as a remedy to help restore inner calm, control and focus.”


I was sent three products from the range to test, the rescue remedy, the rescue night and the chewing gum.

The Rescue remedy is a natural remedy made from flowers to help alleviate the symptoms of a stressful situation. It comes in a glass dropper bottle so you can easily add 4 drops to water or directly onto your tongue. It is a sharp strong taste, similar to alcohol when taken directly, but the taste quickly passes. The remedy helps to calm your nerves and deal with the stresses of a busy day or life’s bigger events. It can be used by all the family, including vegans and can be used as often as required or as a one off.

The rescue night is a combination of rock rose, impatiens, clematis, star of Bethlehem, cherry plum and white chestnut. Together this combination helps to free the mind from repetitive thoughts to help you enjoy a natural nights sleep. You can use this in the same way as the rescue remedy, 4 drops onto the tongue or into water. I tried this in water before I went to bed and the taste a lot more subtle and easier to take. The remedy did help to calm my thoughts, making getting to sleep easier. I would recommend this product for those who struggle to switch off their thoughts at night.

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In both packets of drops there is also a small leaflet containing the ingredients, a little information about the flowers used and some quick and easy tips on managing stress. Little touches like this highlight how the company are passionate about helping their customers take control of their own emotional wellbeing, not just about selling their products.

The chewing gum is not a product I was aware of, however I absolutely love the concept of this. For a person who suffers from anxiety or finds themselves feeling stressed quickly or in public situations, this is brilliant. You just pop a piece of chewing gum in and the 4 drops of rescue inside begin working immediately, no need to excuse yourself to the bathroom to put drops on your tongue or ask for glasses of water and have people look at you whilst you add rescue to it. Obviously this isn’t acceptable in all situations but it’s certainly easier to do and more discrete than using drops. Despite the rescue remedy being a strong unpleasant taste when put directly on the tongue, the chewing gum is a pleasant taste and I was happy to use it on a number of occasions. I love how this is convenient, easy to use, socially accepted and above all else actually works.

From now on I will be recommending this range as a natural way to combat stress and anxiety.

For more information click here

(Originally posted on women make waves)


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