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Body chef January Journey

The Christmas bulge has finally gotten the better of me. My work pants are starting to feel tight and trying to get into my skinny jeans involves a somewhat embarrassing impression of a caterpillar trying to dance. Action is required, whoever told me the Christmas pud calories didn’t count because it was Christmas was seriously delusional. So, what to do? I shopped around and found so many options; calorie control, shakes, juices, sugar free, fat free, taste free, prepared meals. Rewind, prepared meals, the lazy person’s ticket to dieting, bingo, I’m in, that’s me. Someone else counts the calories, fats and sugars, prepares the food, portions it up, cooks it and delivers it to my door, all I have to do is eat it – where do I sign?


It sounds brilliant, and that’s how I came across body chef. All I have to do now is choose from 15 diet plans. There looks to be something for everyone on here, I’m going to choose The flat belly diet, lets face it who doesn’t want a flat belly. I read the menu, it sounds scrumptious, enter a few details receive a free diet plan and that’s it.

I now invite you to join me on my Body Chef journey, however long it lasts!

Day 1 Tuesday 12th January

I have just returned home from work to a big box, my first body chef delivery. I won’t lie I am a little bit gutted, I had completely forgotten it was arriving today and this means tonight’s glass of wine and family size bar of chocolate are not going to happen.

The box is packed full of food, and this is just three days worth, plus I can see lots of lovely items; salmon, brownies, crumble. Maybe this isn’t going to be that hard, like I said all I have to do is eat and I’v mastered that skill.

All the food is labelled with the day, the meal and the calories making it super easy to organise. I line it all up in the fridge in day order, then go about my day looking forward to my first Body chef evening meal.


I have just prepared my first meal, wow, it’s a good one. Salmon, salad, potatoes, nuts and mayonnaise. I have used normal everyday sized plates (none of this false advertising with tiny saucers fit for a 3 year old) and as you can see it’s a full plate and a mighty fine looking piece of salmon.


That was delicious AND I am actually full. Infact I am that full I have skipped the brownie, but let’s not forget I didn’t start the day on a diet.


I woke up hungry this morning. I’m not normally much of a breakfast girl, usually a slice of toast as I usher the kids into the car juggling all the lunch boxes, book bags and PE kits kind of girl. This morning, however, I was hungry. Before I allowed myself to eat anything I weighed and measured myself, and took some before pictures to monitor my journey more accurately.

Breakfast is porridge oats, pineapple and nuts. I don’t really like milk so I have just made the porridge with water (saved a few calories there I think!) and threw in the pineapple. The pineapple was lovely and fresh, really tasty. This is a pretty big breakfast for me, so I’m leaving the nuts for later.


The nuts made a lovely mid-morning snack at my desk.

I am making lunch and its now 1pm and I must admit I am ready for it, luckily for me it’s another good size meal. The salad and chicken are still fresh and there is just the right amount of hummus, despite me thinking it looked like a tiny pot. I have chosen to toast the pitta but you don’t need to, just my preference. A lovely enjoyable and filling meal.

I have just got home from my sons swimming lesson and its 6:30, I’m hungry and looking forward to my tea. Tonight its green beans, pasta and parmesan cheese. The meal isn’t taking me long to prepare, maybe 10 minutes to cook the beans and heat up the pasta. A very full plate once again. I am struggling to see how this much food can result in weight loss, but the scales won’t lie so we shall see. I love green beans and these are still nice and fresh. The pasta is nice and full of vegetables. In my opinion it’s not as tasty as last night’s salmon but still enjoyable. I’m not being as good tonight and have tucked straight into my pudding without taking a picture, whoops sorry guys. You will have to take my word for the fact it’s a good size, looks great and tastes even better. It’s labelled as a fruit crumble and I would describe it as a raspberry compote covered in muesli, very tasty.


I am now 24 hours in, currently full and satisfied and looking forward to tomorrow. First impressions are all positive. I haven’t been hungry between meals but I am hungry when it comes to the next meal time, but lets face it my poor stomach is used to constant deposits of food throughout the day. So far I have had a good selection of food and I’m not craving anything, although the cakes my two year old made at the child-minders today did look yummy……..

(For more information on Bodychef click here)

(originally posted on women make waves)


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I am a mother, wife, teacher, mental Health trainer, writer and blogger. I blog about all things beauty, lifestyle, and child related, basically if I find it interesting I share it with the world. I write for women make waves and am the resident beauty reviewer for birds on the blog, working closely with many high end brands. if you would like to see me review your products please email me at

6 comments on “Body chef January Journey

  1. erinalice
    May 4, 2015

    That sounds brilliant. Real food and no hassle. It would be good to know how much it costs. Did you find it something you could sustain long term?


    • thestrawberryfountain
      May 10, 2015

      I could sustain it long time if I didn’t socialise but obviously having pre prepped meals makes going out for a meal very difficult. long term it wouldn’t hurt to miss a couple though and you would soon be back on track with the next days meals.


  2. K @ Peeled Wellness
    May 4, 2015

    this sounds cools, thanks for sharing!
    xoxo K


  3. Agata @BarkTime
    May 4, 2015

    Wow, the food looks awesome; just like a proper meal 🙂 I like it.


    • thestrawberryfountain
      May 10, 2015

      absolutely like a proper meal. infact some meals were bigger than ones I would prepare for myself, delicious.


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