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Body Chef day 3 and 4 – the diet continues

Day 3

Ok so I’m five days in and I haven’t starved to death yet. I’m also still following the diet which has got to be a record for me, normally by day five, scrap that day 2 I have succumbed to the temptation of the biscuit tin, or at this time of year the unfinished selection boxes hidden at the back of the cupboard. Tonight I even went out to a bonfire event with friends and family where the hot cider was free and we had a selection of soup, pulled pork, sausages and desserts to choose from and yet I quiet happily sat there enjoying my body chef couscous and chicken. Ok maybe I was a little bit jealous but come on the cider was FREE and endless, when does that ever happen. Anyway that’s one of the great things I love about this plan, no not that I have to skip on the free cider, obviously I’m not loving that, but that the food is actual food, enjoyable, normal, human food, none of this baby food, or worse still cabbage soup. No todays meals were pasta for evening meal and couscous for lunch, a quick swap meant I could take the cold option with me and still join in with the picnic.

Over the last five days I have started to wake up feeling hungry, I’m not used to this and I am going to have to get myself a bit more organised if I am going to sit down for breakfast with the kids instead of using that time to get dressed in peace and use the bathroom without an audience!

My favourite breakfast so far has been the muesli with yoghurt. Wednesdays however was a bit touch and go. It was porridge and banana day. As you can see in the picture despite being loving wrapped in bubble wrap my banana was black and battered. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue I could change it with one in the fruit bowl but my monkeys had already eaten the lot. So I had to suck it up and see what I could salvage from this one, yikes! But fear not as the actual banana was fine, and I could use the entire thing. So glad I braved it instead of hurling it at the bin in a mood.


My favourite lunch time meal so far has been the pitta breads from day two. I haven’t had bad meal yet and so far there has only been one out of 13 that actually screamed “you’re on a diet, fatty”. That was the cracker bread, cottage cheese and olives, don’t get me wrong I like these foods but I was stood looking at the plate knowing I’m on a diet, which somehow makes me feel a lit bit deflated, not fat belly deflated, that would be ace, more emotionally deflated at having to admit to myself that I am on a diet.


My favourite evening meal has got to be the salmon, it’s lovely, its fresh, its filling and I’ve had it twice, bonus. Despite this being amazing it isn’t the highlight of the food, o no this comes in the form of the puddings. Firstly came the “O my god” moment when I bit into an oat and cranberry cookie and discovered that the raisins were not raisins at all but were actually chocolate chips. It was like a taste sensation in my mouth. For a chocoholic like me, the fact I haven’t had any for three days is an achievement in itself, so this little surprise was amazing. It has made me realise that I don’t appreciate flavours I just trough it all down and “enjoy” it, but these tiny chips of hidden gorgeousness where more appreciated that my usual full bar, or three. Then after the second amazing hamper arrived (which I ripped open greedily like a kid on Christmas day) I discovered a full pot of chocolate mousse, totally divine.


Enough about the food, although I could go on and on and on, I’m sure what you all really want to know is it working? Well on the morning of the 5th day I can confirm that I have lost 2lbs, not amazing I agree but slow and steady wins the race and all that. Admittedly I might have been a bit more disappointed with that at the five day mark had I not also taken my belly measurements, remember this is the flat belly diet after all. And no my belly isn’t flat, yet, but it is 2 inches smaller! I’m pretty happy with that and these results are definitely enough motivation, that and the fact I have another chocolate mousse in the fridge, to keep me going till day 7.

I still haven’t worked out how eating pasta, noodles and chocolate can make me lose weight and inches but who am I to question the skills of the Bodychef gods, they prepare it, I eat it, I lose it I win, so for now the journey continues.

O and one more thing I have tons more energy, I am no longer relying on energy drinks to get me through the day so that’s another win to me.

For more information on Bodychef click here

(Originally posted on women make waves)


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