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My C9 detox and weight loss journey days 1-3


After over indulging far too much on an all-inclusive holiday I decided it was time to give my liver and my ever expanding waist line a break, time to detox. After talking to a few people about options the programme that kept getting a mention was the forever living C9, after a bit of research I decided this would be a good one to try.

The c9 is a cleanse that aims to “jumpstart your journey to a slimmer, healthier you”. It involves drinking aloe Vera, a lot of aloe Vera, tablets, shakes and after 2 days one 500-600 calorie meal a day.

Here’s how I am finding it so far….

Day 1

120ml of Ale Vera, is a lot and as I stand here looking at it the glass it isn’t getting any smaller, the liquid it contains is a murky thick liquid with bits in it – lovely. “Think thin think health and knock it back” is all I can tell myself. It’s not the best, I’ll be honest as I always am, it’s got a really sharp taste and I don’t like it one bit but like a vodka shot once it’s gone the magic starts to work.

Along with the aloe Vera I am faced with 3 large tablets and 30 minutes low to moderate exercise, not too bad.

Mid-morning I have a fibre drink that tastes absolutely fine, maybe a slight vanilla taste if anything. Dinner results in more aloe Vera and two tablets. The aloe Vera tastes a bit better this time, that or I have killed the taste buds on my tongue first time round, either way it’s doable, which is good because I have to take it again at tea time and then again at supper.

Along with the aloe Vera at dinner I also have the forever lite ultra-shake, vanilla flavour and O my god this is amazing, it’s delicious, scrumptious and tasty and the knowledge I can have another tomorrow will keep me going.

It’s important to say you can also eat “free food” such as raspberries, apples and sugar snap peas which also help to keep the hunger at bay, so if the mention of no physical food as scarred you half to death fear not you can eat some stuff.

End of day 1 and I feel ok, it wasn’t as hard as I expected, I was a little hungry in the evening but some sugar snap peas and a tomatoes soon sorted that out.

Day 2

As far as the programme goes you repeat day 1. For me I added a few more free foods throughout the day to keep me going and the aloe definitely got easier to take, especially as I focused on the fact that day 3 onwards required one shot a day not 4! Today I started with a headache at about 3pm and found it hard to shift but I think for me this is my body screaming out for diet coke. Despite the lack of food my energy levels are ok, I just need to shift this wretched head ache, an early night for me praying for good results in the weigh in tomorrow.

Day 3

WEIGH IN DAY. Obviously the first thing I do (after weeing for the 400th time this week, did I mention you wee a lot?) is jump on the scales and hold my breath. 4.5lbs down in 2 days WOW I am super impressed now and have the motivation to keep going, especially as I reduce the aloe and introduce actual meals today. This programme just got, dare I say it, easy! As the day goes on I realise my energy levels are on the up, swimming in the morning with my son, a work meeting and then a gym session in the evening. For my 500-600 calorie meal I chose an omelette and it was delicious, possibly because it’s the first real meal I have eaten in 72 hours but who cares, it was scrumptious.


My thoughts….

So far I am loving this programme, I have lost 4.5 lbs. and 4 inches and feel a little more energetic without reaching for a red bull, this outweighs the taste of the aloe Vera which I must say is getting easier to drink every time. 6 more days to go and at this point I can honestly say I am ready to embrace them. I’ll keep you posted…..

If you are interested in trying the c9 or any other forever living products you can click here.


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3 comments on “My C9 detox and weight loss journey days 1-3

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  3. Rachel
    August 4, 2015

    I would love to know how you get on with this eventually, it sounds pretty interesting c


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